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Website Privacy Policy (Updated November, 2009)

Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions intends for www.townsvilleaccountant.com.au (site) to complement the services that the company provides. This statement sets forth our privacy policy for this site, describing the practices we follow to respect the privacy of all visitors. At Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions, we have focused on implementing fair information practices that are designed to protect your privacy. We believe that everyone benefits from the free flow of information when that information is gathered and used responsibly.

If you have questions or you do not feel that your concerns have been addressed in our privacy statement, or you just want to talk with us, feel free to contact us using the contacts page on this site.

Data collection

We collect personally identifiable information that is voluntarily provided by visitors to this site. The identifiable information that Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions receives from site visitors includes name, title, address, e-mail address, screen name, telephone and fax numbers, and any other information provided by visitors in e-mail messages or attachments thereto.

Typically, personal identifying information is used to:
• Distribute requested reference materials;
• Submit resumes or work history information;
• Contact us for further information;
• Enter quick surveys, quizzes, or benchmarking surveys;
• Register for events and conferences.

It is Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions policy to limit the information collected to only the minimum information required to complete a site visitor's request Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions intention is not to seek any sensitive information through our site unless legally required for recruiting purposes.

Use of data

Information obtained by the site is used for internal business purposes of Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions. This data is not shared with others for unrelated purposes unless stated in this Privacy Policy or otherwise communicated to the site visitor.

Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions makes every practical effort to avoid excessive or irrelevant collection of data. If a visitor believes the site has collected excessive information, we encourage the visitor to contact us through the website to raise any concerns.

Except for instances where visitors explicitly choose to receive specific Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions marketing or other informational materials, Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions will provide visitors who submit their information with an opt out option on use of personal data collected from our Website to distribute marketing or informational materials.

Third parties

It is Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions policy to disclose information to third parties under the following circumstances:

• as required by law through subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process, or
• when explicitly requested by the visitor, or
• when required to deliver publications or reference materials requested by the visitor, or
• when required to facilitate conferences or events hosted by a third party.

Categories of third parties that Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions may share personally identifiable information with include federal, state, and local government entities. This site does not collect or compile personally identifying information for dissemination or sale to outside parties for consumer marketing purposes, or host mailings on behalf of third parties.

Third-party links

There are several places throughout this site that may link to other Web sites that do not operate under Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions privacy practices. When visitors link to other Web sites, Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions privacy practices no longer apply. We encourage visitors to review each site's privacy policy before disclosing any personally identifiable information.


As a policy, visitors are not required to register to gain access to this site. Personally identifiable information provided to Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions through this site is provided voluntarily by visitors. Should visitors subsequently choose to unsubscribe from mailing lists or any registrations, we will provide instructions on the appropriate web site area or in communications to our visitors; or a visitor may contact Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions though our contacts page.


Each visitor has the right of access to personal data they have submitted through this site.

User updates of information should be handled by going back through the registration process. Inquiries about the accuracy of identifying information previously submitted, or requests to have information removed, should be directed to the contacts page.


All Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions employees are instructed to follow a firm-wide security policy. Only authorised personnel are provided access to personally identifiable information and these employees are required to agree to ensure confidentiality of this information.


Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions reserves the right to modify or amend this statement at any time. The effective date will be displayed at the beginning of this statement. To keep visitors informed, Kathy Neville Accounting & Tax Solutions will notify users of material changes to our Privacy Statement by prominently identifying a link on our home page at http://www.townsvilleaccountant.com.au to the updated Privacy Policy for a period of not less than two weeks

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